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    CS:GO's 2nd Anniversary and FragDown's 1st one !


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    CS:GO's 2nd Anniversary and FragDown's 1st one ! Empty CS:GO's 2nd Anniversary and FragDown's 1st one !

    Message par Ematic le Août 22nd 2014, 6:35 pm

    CS:GO's 2nd Anniversary and FragDown's 1st one ! Csgo10
    Great day for CS:GO and especially for the console version who is available on the market place for exactly 2 years.
    Many titles starts to become a big desert after only few weeks or months for most lucky of them... It's hopefully not the case of Counter-Strike: GO, we will maybe play this game longer that we thought !

    A lot of thanks to our initial line-up which was :
    Ematic (FRANCE)
    peRez (SPAIN)
    Kirito (FRANCE)
    ReazoX (FRANCE)
    vtz (CANADA)

    and to the other teammates to joined us :
    Fragmachine (USA)
    Xent0x (FRANCE)
    Mario (SCOTLAND)
    Stan (FRANCE)
    SaytiZ (sub) (FRANCE)

    CS:GO's 2nd Anniversary and FragDown's 1st one ! Fragdo10

    This is also and absolutely a good day for our gaming organisation because there is 1 year that we created it, together !
    FragDown is not only the Counter-Strike best clan but becames since 2014 a professional multigaming team with line ups such as our international Warface roster (actually Regorea, Afrodisiac, Vehic, Volat, Saul Grim) who is the still the #1 in Europe with 34 victories and 0 loss.
    We been joined by 3 french Hearthsone's players (Kirito, Celenien and Yunawi) with here too already a good result for Kirito (2nd at The Dodge Coin tournament - 112 players).
    We also took back the Brink roster "S*ck My Nades" composited of Ematic, The Mind, Exzoh, Skor and ReBowT. Back in the time when the game was competitively played, the line up was the best and never been defeated.
    Indeed if the game is not longer really active, we will be ready to compete if a tournament coming out !

    A lot of thanks to Vehic and Volat who joined us as players for Warface but also as really skilled Vice-President and IT Manager.
    They are working hard everyday in our private forum to make of our organisation an upcoming top multigaming.

    Thanks to everyone !

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