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    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind


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    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Empty Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind

    Message par Ematic le Juin 16th 2014, 2:39 am

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Guide_16

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Table_10                                                                                                            

    How to use the table of contents: To find the section you want to skip ahead to, press ctrl+f (apple+f on macs) and type in the section number. This will bring you to where you want to be, even though I recommend that you read the whole thing.

    I. DONATIONS [1-1]


    III. PREPARATION                                                                                                                          
    A.  IRL preparation  [3-1]
    B.  In-game preparation:                                                                                                              
    1.  Controller layout  [3-2-1]
    2.  Weaponry  [3-2-2]  
    3.  Abilities  [3-2-3]

    A.  Technical skills  [4-1]

    A.  About game mechanics  [5-1]
    B.  Different classes = different roles  [5-2]
    C.  How to effectively work as a team:
    1.  General advice  [5-3-1]                                                                                                                                                            
    2.  As the attack team  [5-3-2]
    3.  As the defensive team  [5-3-3]
    D.  1V1 Managment [5-4-1]

    VI.  GLOSSARY  [6-1]




    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Donati10

    ..............................................................................I'm just f*cking with you :-P. Enjoy the guide! :-D

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                                                                                  Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Introd10

    First off, this guide is designed for the average Brink player who wants to play competitivly. It means two things:
    #1 It is not a guide that will gather knowledge about finishing the campaign or common things such as listing all the abilities, all the weapons etc. There are already a lot of guides over the net and the wiki that plays this role very well.
    #2 Because this guide is made for competitive gaming, NOT public, it doesn't take into account factors such as fun, fairness or sportsmanship (as long as it's legal in tournaments). Also some abilities, classes, bodytypes, etc do not share the same effectiveness whether it's public or competitive so don't be offended if you don't see a good appraisal of one class or another ability. This guide tries to gather the information that will grants you victory in competition.

    However because this guide teaches advanced techniques you can significantly improve your skill level for the public, that's why I recommand that you read it even if you only want to play public.

    This guide is specialy designed for small format matches so for 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 matches only. Indeed, 4v4 setups and below are drastically different from public matches where it's a 8v8 setup.The major differences are the following:

            +  The operative class is obsolete and its only purpose is to complete hacking objectives.
            +  Because there are far less people in-game, encounters will mostly be duels, making the medium and heavy bodytypes obsolete too (as they are designed for static and medium-long
    range fights). Also objectives are very vulnerable at the beginning of every respawn waves that's why you need to be able to quickly reach them. Hence the lightweights being the only bodytype you'll see in small format matches.

            +  Finally, the consequence of those two aspects is that small format matches are much more fast-paced than 8v8 matches and rely enormously on kills and CQC (close-quarter-combat) or mid-range duels.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Prepar10                                                                                                                              

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Irl_pr10

    This is the equipment that you'll need in real life to improve your gameplay:

            +  A healthy brain
            +  A pair of hands (...forget the hands you only need thumbs and forefingers...)
            +  A good internet connection

    And that's all! Expensive headsets and HD screens are not mandatory as sound and graphics won't help you to locate the ennemy in this game (contrary to COD for exemple).
    On the other hand your internet connection is really really important. To paraphrase "aldecide"'s Black Ops Guide on Gamefaq: "Multiplayer Combat Guide" ( : Lag rules the world of online FPS: In a 1v1 scenario, assuming that both players are equally skilled and share the same setup (same guns, same abilities etc.) the player with the best connection will dominate the conflict. This is because it takes less time for the information regarding your kill to reach the server. Invest in some good, high speed internet if you can. Otherwise, here are some tricks you can do to optimize your connection:

            +  Make sure ONLY your 360 is using the connection. Turn your computer off, pause or stop downloads (especially porn, I know you do :-p), etc.
            +  Connect your X-box to your modem, router, etc. with an ethernet cable if possible.

    As last pieces advice for your preparation IRL (in real life):

            +  Seat centered to your TV: it increases your visual perception of the game.

            +  Get yourself something to drink when you play, you want to win but you also want to have fun. :-)

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind In_gam10                                                                                                                    

    Obviously your character MUST be at max level which is 20 (24 level cap with AoC DLC)
            +  Firstly quit being medium and choose the light bodytype.

    Playing as a light bodytype will allow you to make Parkour and, more importantly walljumps (see "glossary" 6-1). Walljump is a vital element to master if you want to be a high level player. Walljump will have is own chapter later in this guide. As of now, you need to change the config of your controller to perform walljumps more effectively...

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Contro10                                                                                                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[3-2-1]~              

    The main thing to understand is that you need to be able to jump without using your thumbs so that you can still move and aim. A good suggestion is to place the jump button as "LB" (left button) and put S.M.A.R.T as "LT" (left trigger). You will lose your ability to aim with the forefingers but it's okay because as I said earlier small format matches and (even the whole game itself!) are heavily based on movement and CQC. And what is the best way to move while firing and win CQC gunfights?? Hipfire! Translation you don't need to "aim" in this game. However aiming as it's utility (we will see it later) and you can still put it as the "RS" button.

    As an example:

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Xbox_l10


            +  Play on a rather slow sensibility because a high sensibility generally lacks in precision (however high sensibility in FPS is always better if you're comfortable enough to aim precisely.)
            +  Turn the vibration off, or it will screw up your aim.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Weapon10                                                                                                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[3-2-2]~                  

    As a lightweight you have a limited choice of the weaponry which consist of:

            +  one primary: sniper rifles, or SMG (sub-machine gun)
            +  one secondary: pistols

    Every weapons (when they are naked) are well balanced in their own categories and the several datas about damage, ammo capacity, RoF (rate of fire), reload speed, recoil etc make each guns better suited for certain playstyles and scenarios. That's why in public I recommand that you use whatever weapon you want as long as you're confortable with it and know its potential and limits. For competition it's another story:

    For the light I recommand the following weapons:

    CQC only:Tampa gets the edge with the highest damage output per seconds (DPS). Tampa has 348 when Carb-9 has 333 and Bupdaun has 303. Tampa suffers badly from a high recoil pattern that's why it lacks in precision when your not in CQC anymore. Here's a good attachment setup to optimize the weapon:

            +  Front grip
            +  Duct-taped magazine

    Mid range/long range: Bulpdaun gets the edge for it's accuracy and stability. However it suffers badly from a lack of ammo capacity, damage and reload time. Here's a good attachment setup to optimize the weapon:

            +  Your favorite muzzle brake
            +  Front grip
            +  High-capacity magazine

    My opinion: to become a great player, you need consistency in every way. That also applies to the weapons, so I highly recommand that you take the one that stays good in most situations. With the correct attachements there is one weapon which is overall well-suited for every playstyles and most scenarios and this weapon is: ....*drumroll*........................................."wait for it..."......................................THE "CARB-9"!!

    Best Balance and best choice in my opinion: CARB-9 which is a good mix between Tampa and Bulpdaun. Here's a good attachment setup to optimize the weapon:

            +  Your favorite muzzle brake (to decrease recoil)
            +  The drum-magazine (to spray and pray like a maniac...)
            +  The front grip (to decrease recoil two)

    As far as pistols are concerned there is here a huge gap regarding balance.

    The "sea eagle" is by far the best pistol. Beware though as it has bad accuracy when hip-firing so preferably aim ("RS" if you have read the "controller layout" section) it only needs 3 bullets to kill. To make it even more efficient you'll need the following attachments:

            +  The Up-Vent muzzle brake                                                                                              
            +  The speed holster
            +  Rapid fire

    This is basically what you need to know regarding weaponry. If you want more information about weapons but also, about game mechanics here's a cool website that reveals hidden datas for Brink and most console FPS:
    for Brink only:

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Abilit10                                                                                                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[3-2-3]~

    Regarding abilities here are some general pieces of advice:

            +  Get the "Agent of Change" DLC for its 4 additional credits and the enginner's "pyromine".

            +  When you take an ability, don't ask yourself "What do I get?" but "What do I miss? It'll help you to make the best choices. For instance:
                     -The operative class really only need his "EMP grenade". Every other operative abilities are arguably a waste of credits as there are more important abilities.

            +  Seems obvious but DO NOT buy abilities that are practical in public matches only (the engineer's "command post upgrade" for instance, because in scrims command post DO NOT give buffs.)

            +  Only make two classes for a character. One for offense and one for defense, so that you are fully specialized in one's class abilities and have a versatile character.



            +  Grenade shooting (extremely vital regarding kills). See the "Tech skills" section)
            +  Battle hardened (For a 30Hp (Health points) bonus)
            +  Supply max increase
            +  Combat intuition (A good ability, however has a major flaw that can be exploited to make it useless see "the Exploit the game-mechanics" section. I let you be the judge whether you choose or not to get this perk.
            +  DO NOT TAKE "SPRINTING GRENADE". Why? Firstly because being able to throw grenade is not mandatory so you save one credit. But, more importantly because when you're cooking a grenade the only thing that can cancel this action is running. Translation: with  "sprinting grenade": you are forced to use that grenade. Without this ability: you can cancel the animation of you cooking the grenade by holding the S.M.A.R.T button.
            +  Sprinting reload (Obviously for better gunfight management)
            +  Resupply rate increase
            +  Silent running (This one is arguable, I personally like this ability: it's very useful in 1v1 situations in small maps with a lot of rooms but it's not so useful in 4v4 and rather useless in big maps with lots of open spaces).
            +  Downed fire (I personally think that in a FPS once you're dead you're supposed to stay dead so I hate this perk. However, it is extremely useful especially near objectives. Get this ASAP (As soon as possible)).


            +  Armor piercing ammo (to ignore the kevlar vest's bonus, mandatory if you want to compete against soldiers)

            +  Flashbang grenade (Again it's arguable whereas you choose or not to get this perk. It's only useful in small rooms or small chokepoints, against a group of ennemies but in a 4v4 if the opposing team is good it won't have more than 2 people close enough to effectively use it. Plus it's somehow a waste of pips (see "glossary" 6-1) as molotov coktails and grenade are much more useful as they combine lethality and crowd control.)

            +  Grenade mastery

            +  Scavenge (Basically it's either Scavenge or Flashbang and I believe that scavenge is overall better as long as no one is around you when you loot.)

            +  Kevlar vest
            +  Extra magazine
            +  Frag blast
            +  Grenade damage

            +  Napalm grenade ( Basically it denies the access of a small zone for everybody. Its practicals uses are therefore: block a small path for a small amount of time or prevent the enemy to approach a static-only objective (such as planting the bomb). Overall, I share the same opinion about napalm grenade and flashbangs)

            +  Satchel charges (this one is actually useful. However because it take too much time to place the charge and it doesn't have a reliable shortcut to detonate the C4 (such as double-tapping "X" in COD, here the shortcut is relatively long as you need to select the C4 with your D-pad and press the grenade button. IMPORTANT you don't need to aim at your C4 at all to blow it.) it purposes are only defensive. See the "Defensive strategies and tips" section [5-3-3] for more information)


            +  Adrenaline boost (extremely useful. Has a long cooldown (see "glossary" 6-1) so use it wisely. Most useful when used on the objective (player before planting a bomb for instance).

            +  Increase supply
            +  Metabolism (Your choice. I personally have it thought I don't use it often. It doubles health regen speed. If your teammate is near death, and starts regen health, he will be fully healed 2 seconds earlier than without "Metabolism". Use it on a good soldier!)

            +  Improved increase supplies
            +  Speed boost (Your choice, its whether this or Metabolism. It's useful when your teammate needs to quickly go back to the objective or attempt a rush plant however he will be alone...)

            +  Improved life buff
            +  Self resurrection (Hell Yeah!)
            +  Lazarus Grenade (Hell Yeah!)


            +  Gear head
            +  Nerves of steel
            +  Light turret
            +  Medium turret
            +  Improved weapon buff
            +  Extra landmine
            +  Pyro mine (Very good as it's an extra mine. Best when used for static-only objective)
            +  Gatling turret


            +  EMP grenade

            +  If you want an hybrid setup (a character specialized in Operative + 2 classes) you can get the "Caltrop Grenade" and the "Sticky Bomb" abilities (see the "different classes = different roles" section [5-2] for more information about their use.). I don't believe that the "Hack turret" ability is necessary since you have the EMP grenade hence you'll save one credit. You'll now be able to harass the ennemy in ATTACK before going for the objective. You'll also be able to defend in DEFENSE. However know that a [2 soldiers/ 2 Engineers] is optimal in defense as long as your soldiers can kill.

    +(I'm sorry Mary Jane, I know it's your favorite class...)

    As said earlier, it's best to have two-classes only versatile characters: like Soldier/Engineer or Medic/Enginner (and /Operative if you want).

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Physic10                                                                                                                    


    What makes a great player? If we think about it, simple things such as good aim, quick reflexes, good knowledge of the maps etc... come to our mind. All these qualities can be gathered to a greater extent into two parts: the physical skills and mental skills. The physical skills are the ones based on your body. That's why it gathers your accuracy, your reflexes, your speed to execute controls etc. If you want to improve, you have to know that Physical skills improve with experience: the more your practice the better you'll get as your muscle memory will make your physicals skills INSTINCTIVE. In a fast-paced game such as Brink a gain of micro seconds in the execution of the controls makes the difference between the winner and the loser. So there is no secret here, to get better from a physical point of view: practise practise practise... just like a musician. I highly recommend that you go in training mode and work on your flaws ( a walljump you have trouble to make for instance). How you work your flaws? You execute your move 10 times and if you fail once, you start again from the beginning.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Techni10                                                                                                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[4-1]~                            

            +  KNOCKDOWN COMBOS (KC):
    Knockdown combos are your best ways to kill your opponent as you paralyze him for a short amount of time.

                -All classes:

                      -Hit the ennemy, *knockdown* then spray
                      -Slide towards the ennemy, *knockdown* then spray
                      -The bread and butter combo: THE GRENADE SHOT! Throw a grenade, shoot on it *knockdown* then spray. This is the most effective way to kill someone as it works from distance and adds the lethality of the grenade. (NOTE: YOU NEED THE "GRENADE SHOOTING" ABILITY TO PERFORM THIS COMBO)

                -Soldier only, the improved grenade shot: MOLOTOV TO GRENADE COMBO:

                        -Step1: Throw your cocktail *knockdown*
                        -Step 2: throw your 'nade
                        -Step 3 quickly shoot it =  insta-kill... if not...
                        -Step 4: finish him ASAP (as soon as possible) with your gun
                        -Final Step: don't forget to tea-bag (see "glossary" 6-1) his dead-but-still-warm corpse.

            +  WALL JUMP:
    Walljump is your main tool as a good player because it enables you to take shortcuts and it has the particularity to increase your speed. Also, you're still able to fire, throw grenades or molotovs. Thus its main uses are:

               -To reach unaccessible paths usually shortcuts (such as the alternative routes in shipyard)
               -As an offensive tool: With a walljump you can quickly come closer to your ennemy while being hard to aim.
               -As a defensive tool: Obviously, when you need to retreat, walljumps allow you to move fast and be unpredictable so walljumps have highly evasive properties.
               -Perform a "Wall-up" to travel faster than running resulting in a gain of time. Beware thought it's difficult to perform and if you fail it you'll most likely waste time

            +  WALL-UP:
    A wall-up is the mere fact of using the walljump's speed increase to move faster. Easier said than done because wall-ups can be difficult to perform and difficult to effectivly use, especially on non-straight paths. How to perform it? Do a walljump, fermly input the opposite direction of the wall with your right stick (so left if you're jumping on the right wall and vice-versa). Then start mashing the "jump" button. You'll make a bunny-hop motion and start to move really fast on a straight line, you can still move you character with your left stick though it's not very accurate.
    What you need to understand is that the more you move your right stick during the walljump the more you'll gain speed that's why it's important to dose your angle when you do the walljump otherwise you'll go straight to a wall. Don't be too harsh on yourself if you fail to do it as lag makes wall-up nearly impossible to do...otherwise you may suck.

            +  STRAFING:
    Strafing is the same as doing quick sidesteps. The idea is during a duel to stay mobile to confuse your ennemy and hinder his accuracy. Only the lightweight has a good strafe so don't bother doing it with a medium or heavy. To effectively strafe you need to move quickly from left to right or vice versa. If you do it to fast you wont really move, if it's too slow you won't really duck bullets. When done correctly not only will you dodge bullets with class but you'll also become a chick magnet as women find dancing sexy (according to a recent poll...). Also, try not to be too predictable, so vary you pattern (ex: left-right-left-right-leeeeeeft-right-left).  

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Mental10                                                                                                                          


    Mental skills as opposed to physical skills gather all your abilities that comes from your mind. So it gathers your knowledge of the game mechanics, knowledge of the maps (shortcuts, heat zones, chokepoints) weaponry, classes, strategies/playstyles, the ability to read your opponent and to out-smart him, knowledge of the best action to take in certain scenarios etc... This part is really vast but pays far more than the physical skills however those parts are complementary: master both and you'll become an expert player.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind About_10                                                      

            +  Hit location multipliers are segmented into:
                    -Head (1.5x damage multiplier)
                    -Torso & Arms (1.0x)
                    -Legs (0.75x)

            +  Light has 120 health

            +  It takes 40 seconds for the soldier's bomb to explose.

            +  It takes about 7.30 seconds to start regen with and without Metabolism

            +  All classes:
                    -There is a 14 second cooldown period between Frag Grenade uses
                    - "Resupply Rate Increase" makes your supply meter refill 20% faster

            +  As a soldier:
                    - Molotov cocktails have a 20 second cooldown period between uses.
                    - "Kevalr Vest" protects you so that you take only 90% of the bullet's damages.
                    - "Frag Blast" increases the splash radius of your frags by 20%
                    - "Grenade Damage" increases your standard grenades' damages by 20%

            +  As a medic:
                    - Metabolism doubles health regen speed gaining 2 seconds for a full-health recovery.
                    - "Adrenaline Boost" lasts for 5 seconds.
                    - "Speed Boost" gives you a 10% faster sprint boost that remains for 15 seconds

            + As an engineer:
                    - Building a turret takes 4 seconds. 3 with "Gear Head"
                    - Deploying mines takes 3 seconds. 2 with "Gear Head"
                    - It takes 5 seconds to defuse the bomb. 4 with "Nerves of Steel"
                    - The "Improved weapon buff" increases your weapon's damage by 31% instead of the basic 18% from the standard kit

            +  As an operative:
                    - Sticky bombs have a 20 second cooldown period between each use.
                    - Calltrops don't hurt teammates and remain on the floor until the cooldown period is finished. The cooldown lasts 30 seconds. Each spike cause 5 damages with a maximum of 25 damages per seconds. The faster you move through the spikes the more they hurt.
                    - EMP Grenades temporarily disable enemy turrets, mines, and radars. They also slow down the progress of enemy Hacks and HE charges.

            +  Combat intuition works only if you litterally aim at the ennemy with your crosshair. Meaning you can follow someone without him noticing it as long as you don't aim him directly.

    (Source: those information come from the wiki, denkirson and the official guide according to Deathxherald on gamefaq:

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Differ10                                                      

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Soldie10

    [Slayer role] and Objective player
    DEFENSE and ATTACK: Always in the front line, their role is to kill so they open the way for the objective players in attack or prevent the ennemy to go near the objectives in defense. Should always go for spawn kill (see "glossary" 6-1) as it paralyzes the enemy team or even better: spawn-trap (see "glossary" section 6-1).
    When playing defensive, if you have the snatchel charges you can place those near the engineer mines so that you don't need to watch them and the blow of the two paired-up explosives will kill lights. Without the engineer's mine you have to know where the ennemy is so it works well  near objectives as you know when the opponent is repairing or defusing etc, it even stays after you respawn so if you get killed you can still blow it. Also if you have the flashbang grenade use it when expecting the ennemy presence like before room raiding the bomb site in "Aquarium"

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Medic10

    [Support role] and Objective player
    ATTACK ONLY (When spawns are far from the objective, or it's a bomb planting objective, otherwise, medics are rather useless especially in DEFENSE) Medic are very weak so they need to stay behind the team! Also it's not necessary to stay near the objective player as he's first priority of the ennemy and you will most likely loose encounters. I believe that in order to get their full potential medic should be played like this:

            +  Give the "adrenaline boost" to the soldier who's planting the bomb, or to the objective player who's delivering the briefcase. It can be useful when hacking, repairing but you need to stay close to the objective player and you'll most likely die so do it when the objective is almost completed.

            +  Escort soldiers and giving them health buffs so they win battles, and can spawnkill the ennemy.

            +  Avoid conflicts as much as you can and try not to waste pips by throwing grenades. Remember it's not your role!

            +  Use WISELY your Lazarus grenade to quickly revive fallen teammates. Know it's range (same as a grenade) and it's radius (which is roughly 3 or 4 meters (sorry about the metric system :-(). REMEMBER THAT THE LAZARUS IGNORE WALLS so you can revive teammates that are on the next room.

            +  COMMUNICATE: medic is a difficult class to master, it really helps if you communicate (for instance: Don't respawn, I'm coming for you! Etc.)

            +  When doing the escort objective, if you have an engineer in your team let him escort and follow the soldier(s) you'll be much more useful.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Engine10

    [Guardian role], support role and objective player.
    Engineer is the best defensive class as it provides 2 mines to control chokepoints and entries, and 1 pyro mine to either alert you when placed near entries or better, kill the ennemy when placed in front of static objectives. Also the engineer class has the gatling turret that guards sites. Try to put turrets near the objectives in blindspots and on the higher ground (to make ennemies loose time as they are forced to perform a grenade shot to disable it).
    In ATTACK, engineer should buff the soldier and themselves. Once the objective site is secured switch to a defensive stance (so start deploying turrets etc.). If he is objective player, I suggest he only deploys one turret (as deploying mines takes more time and are less rewarding) then starts doing the objective. However if you have two engineers and time then you can deploy more defense as one of your teammate will do the objective.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Operat10

    [Objective player] can also play defensive and support role.
    ATTACK: The operative is the only class that can complete hacking objectives as you know and it should be taken only for that purpose. There is one exception thought: if you need his EMP grenade to disable mines and turrets when your team really can't penetrate the ennemy defense. Know that you need a very good slayer to do the job after as your team will be gimped if you're Op without a hacking objective to complete.
    DEFENSE: The operative class can control one entry with his sticky bomb which works as a mine however it's visible on the floor. He can control an area and slow down the ennemy team with his caltrop grenade. Also he can gain time with his EMP grenade that slow down the the progress of objectives (such as stoping the countdown of the bomb for a short amount of time.)

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Workin10                                                                                            

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Genrer10                                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[5-3-1]~                                                                                                            

            + You have to communicate! A well-organized team that communicates can crush your team if you don't communicate.
                 -Assign codes to locations to quickly locate ennemies for your team, to be organized...
                 -Say that you need a buff, that you are in difficulty etc.

            +  Do not line-up as you'll make easy targets for the ennemy or worse kill your friend by mistake as friendly-fire is always on.

            +  WATCH THE KILLFEED (see "glossary" 6-1) to see which player is dead, which threat is out etc. Same things about clothes: learn to quickly recognize players.

            +  Every classes suit different roles and should be played accordingly. Also, it takes time to re-adapt to a class. That's why you need to assign people to certain classes and make them stick to them!

            +  Remember that there CAN'T be more than 2 engineer per teams.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind As_the10                                                                                                                              

    For ATTACK, your team setup heavily relies on the objective, on the map and can be arguable, so those are more general advice. Also those suggestions are listed from best to good.

            +  For planting-the-bomb objectives:
                -4V4: [2 Soldiers/ 1 Medic/ 1 Engineer]
                -3V3: [2 Soldiers/ 1 Medic] or [1 Soldier/ 1 Medic/ 1 Engineer]
                -2V2: [1 Soldier/ 1 Medic]

            +  For hacking objectives:
                -4V4: [1 Operative/ 2 Soldiers / 1 Engineer] or (When the spawn is far: [1 Operative/ 1 Soldier / 1 Engineer / 1 Medic]
                -3V3: [1 Operative/ 1 Soldier/ 1 Engineer] or (When the spawn is far: [1 Operative/ 1 Soldier / 1 Medic] or [1 Operative/ 2 Soldiers]
                -2V2: [1 Operative/ 1 Soldier]

            +  For escorting objectives:
                -escort the hostage:
                  -4V4: [2 Soldiers/ 1 Medic/ 1 Engineer]
                  -3V3: [2 Soldiers/ 1 Medic] or [1 Soldier/ 1 Medic/ 1 Engineer]
                  -2V2: [1 Soldier/ 1 Medic]

                -escort the robot.
                  -4V4: [2 Soldiers/ 1 Medic/ 1 Engineer]
                  -3V3: [2 Soldiers/ 1 Engineer]
                  -2V2: [1 Soldier/ 1 Engineer]

            + For repairing objectives:
                -4V4: [2 Soldiers/ 2 Engineers] or (When the spawn is far: [1 Soldier / 2 Engineers / 1 Medic]
                -3V3: [2 Soldiers/ 1 Engineer] or [1 Soldiers/ 2 Engineers]
                -2V2: [1 Soldier/ 1 Engineer]


            +  Don't lose time at the beginning of the game, switch class before the game is ready and rush the objective site as Engineer won't have all of their defense.

            +  Attack as a whole team: try not to be too far from each other. However after respawning you might want to attack alone as they will have time to put defenses and it will become harder to attack. If it's only a suicide mission then it's not worth it.

            +  Raid the objective site from different entries as you'll pressure the ennemy who'll need to fight multiple angles at the same time.

            +  Know the Rush routes and the seconds it takes to get to the objective, and the time it takes for the ennemy to deploy turrets, mines around it.

            +  Once the objective site is secured, let the objective player do his job and switch to a defensive stance.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind As_the11                                                                                                          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[5-3-3]~          

    For DEFENSE only I'd say without a doubt that the best config is:

              -4V4: [2 Soldiers/ 2 Engineers]
              -3V3: [1 Soldier/ 2 Engineers] (and/or [2 Soldier/ 1 Engineers] when the ennemy team escorts)
              -2V2: [1 Soldier/ 1 Engineer]


            +  Soldiers need to quickly block the chokepoints ahead to slow down the ennemy team while the engineers separate to deploy their defensive tools around the objective. So one mine per entries to block and locate the ennemy (remember: 1 mine = non lethal, 2 mines or 1 mine + 1 Snatchel charge = 1 kill). One pyromine SLIGHTLY AHEAD of the objective (if not, the ennemy team's objective player can still plant the bomb/hack/repair by being static.) and your turret controlling an area and placed in blindspots by preference because one grenade can disable it.

            +  Kill the medic first as he can raise his teammates. No medic? Then kill the objective player. This one is your biggest threat as he's the only one that grants victory to his team.

            +  You can also see the Operative class review if you fancy playing operative in defense and need some tips.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind 1v1_ma10                                  

    There are only two playstyles: aggressive and defensive. Simply when you adopt an aggressive playstyle you go for the kill and chase the ennemy whereas in a defensive playstyle you wait for him to come to you. I'd say that the best defense is the best offense AS LONG AS YOU DON'T GET HIT. Otherwise you need to master both if you want to become a great player. Here is some advice:

            +  THINK AS THE ENNEMY AND STOP THINKING AS YOURSELF! If you anticipate what he'll be doing, thinking one step ahead, he has no chance except if he has way better mastery of physical abilities than you or has connection superiority. In a word ADAPT!

            +  If you see an ennemy, spot it immediatly to your team
            +  Always run along walls from cover to cover, as if needed you can do a walljump to escape.
            +  Use your knowledge of technical skills.
            +  If you play as a Medic: RUN! And let your teamates do the job.

            +  Try to outsmart the ennemy by anticipating his moves and be able to control the engagement. Remember: You don't want a fair fight:
                 -Aggresive playstyle: Always attack from the flank or from behind. Flanking is difficult in a 1V1 as after your first shot you'll appear on the ennemy radar for roughly 10 seconds making the flanks predictable. So flanking works best when one of your teammate is occupying the ennemy. Flanking should be quick so it's important to know the shortcuts of the map.
                 -Defensive playstyle: When expecting an encounter, try to be on the higher ground as elevation provides cover and make it easier to chase or escape from the ennemy. It's also easier to perform grenade shooting because of gravity.

            +  If your ennemy is 1shot (see "glossary" 6-1) and is retreating:

                 -Firstly say it to your teammates, they may be close to him and can finish him.
                 -If you have health and you know he doesn't have his grenades immediatly chase him, you need to finish him ASAP. Beware though as he may be leading you to a trap if for instance:
                       -One of his teammate is close.
                       -He plays soldier and had time to regain access to grenade.
                       -Especially, if he's on the Defensive team, he may want you to walk on a mine.

            +  If you're 1shot immediatly retreat, and tell your teammates about it. When retreating try for a wall-up as you'll gain speed and will be able to move backwards thus keeping putting pressure on your ennemy. You have now multiple choices:

                  -Attempt a flank (difficult to do since after firing your weapon you appear on the ennemy radar for 10 seconds. So a higly-skilled player can predict it.
                  -Wait for back-up, health regen and/or the grenade cooldown then re-engage.
                  -If he's also 1shot he will most likely retreat two so it's risky but you can chase him if you're confident enough. Beware though as you'll be very vulnerable once you killed him as you might be 1 shot and out of ammo and he'll quickly be in downed fire so immediatly:
                       -Best scenario: Switch to your secondary, make a walljump to go behind him if you have space and finish him while strafing.
                       -Escape and ask a teammate to finish him.
                       -Worst scenario: Go behind cover, wait for your health regen and finish him.

            +  Once you ennemy is killed finish him ASAP as "Downed Fire" is a pain in the *** and is a Major threat (Sir! Yes, Sir!). Also be aware that Ranked-4-Medics can raise themselves. Once they have used it, they can't use it for roughly 1-2 minutes.

            +  Try not to rage and keep your blood cold as raging makes you play aggressivly often resulting in your death. You need to stay cool and focused so you can plan ahead and make the best decision, also it annoys your teammates and prevent them from communicating.

            +  Don't forget that you're a Red Dot on the ennemy's radar. If you're spotted or shoot an unsilenced weapon, or don't have "silent running" and run within a certain radius of the opponent. You're a red dot for roughly 10 seconds. Because the radar doesn't take elevation into account you can confuse your ennemy by entering a place with multiple floors

            +  Always vary your routes and your behavior during fights. Every players have habits and you should be able to recognize those of the ennemy and his mental skill level to outsmart him. By breaking your habits, you'll become unpredictable thus confusing the ennemy. That's why you need to learn from your mistakes, analyse the ennemy behavior and adapt. The only reason you should not do so is if the ennemy really can't do anything against you.
                -As an example: You're attacking and always take the same route at the beginning. Your opponent knows you well and knows your habit. That's why you should assume that he'll be waiting for you at that place and you should play differently. If you're on the defensive side, firstly evaluate the mental skill level of your opponent. If he's an average player he'll most likely take the same route over and over again, If you see that he's an expert player he'll most likely try to change his style. Try to anticipate that and prepare for a counter. That's where it gets tricky and where it's the funniest because two skilled player can do the counter to counter the counter of the counter etc. because they always think ahead thus making in fact their fight a sheer matter of luck. But if you play like this, you'll pawn beginners, average players and will compete with expert players.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Glossa10

    "The basic premise of a wall jump is that the player jumps into a wall or another vertical barrier of some kind and pushes off its surface in order to start another jump. The player is sometimes able to change directions after a wall jump, meaning the player character can direct him or herself into the wall again in order to repeatedly wall jump and ascend structures."
    (source: wikipedia)

    Small energy segments that you use for abilities. For example, tossing a grenade costs 1 pip.

    "Cooldown is, in numerous video games, the minimum length of time that the player needs to wait after using an ability before they can use it again."
    (source wikipedia)

    +Tea bag
    "To place testicles in someone's mouth and procede in a up and down motion."
    (source: Urban dictionnary)

    "In multiplayer games, the place where a dead person or a person that has just joined is born or created."
    (source: Urban dictionnary)

    +Spawn kill
    "In a multiplayer combat game (particularly a First Person Shooter) to kill another player as they spawn." (source: Urban dictionnary)

    +Spawn trap
    "The act in a first person shooter were the enemy team camps at your team's spawn point" (source: Urban dictionnary), in Brink it's possible to spawn trap if you go past the turrets that guards the ennemy base.

    The kills that comes up at the bottom right of your screen when you or anyone kill someone.

    +1shot (pronounced "oneshot")
    Term used to qualify a player who will die if he takes 1 more shot. So you can also say 2shots etc.. in brink after 2shot it becomes rather pointless to even notice it ("Dude, that guy's 3shots finish him!" *facepalm...*).

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind About_11

    So this is the part where I talk about myself...

    My name is Christophe alias The Mind, I'm 21 years old and I'm currently studying Cinema and Theatre at Paris. I'm also working at McDonald to pay my bills (yeah baby!).

    I'm very curious and I'm fond of music (of any kind mostly), movies and TV shows, video-games and Mangas/French comic-strips mostly but also Comics. About mangas I'm especially following the progress of Naruto and One Piece by reading scans. About video games, I play since Master system thanks to my brothers, and my favorite games are RPG firstly and FPS, also since 5-6 month I play Versus-fighting games mostly SSFIV AE as you can see "Claw" or Vega my main in my profile.

    My initiation in Brink and in the FPS world in general was hard. I used to really suck at my first online multiplayer FPS: COD. But with the help of two youtube channels: "Search and destroy for dummies" and "Gravity81688" I'm now an expert player. But when I met Ematic on Brink, I was crushed...My goal was to defeat him. He became my Jedi master...and I showed him who's the boss on the Winter Cup tournament. The training was a success and as of now I rape him on a daily basis.  

    I'm also second lieutenant in the team: S*ck My 'Nades and co-author of this forum. My goal now is to be a main part of the remaining Brink community as this is the community that I like and that I want to play with.

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Want_t10

    If you wish to contribute to my guide, simply send me a private message. Make sure the subject line mentions
    "Brink Guide" or something, I think you get the idea. Tell me what needs fixing, or what you think should be add and I will do my best to correct it/ add it. If it's positive feedback, same thing, and thank you Smile

    If you have something to add to my guide however, be sure to include the
    following information:

    -Type of information
    -Section the information goes in
    -Alias by which you would like to be credited

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Credit10

    I'd like to give special thanks for:

    -_Itachi_Uchiha_ for his COD Guide on Gamefaq which really inspired the "physical skills" and "mental skills" intros . Here's the link:

    -Ema7ic who introduced me to the Brink community and taught me most of the things I know about Brink. He's a very good player, the respectful leader of our team: "S*ck My 'Nades" but also a good friend. He also gave me advice when I was writing the guide especially about the Op's efficiency in defense and the Attack team setup part.

    -Mattgreen who helped me throughout the guide to correct langage mistakes and who gave me a pertinent opinion to enahnce it. I'd also like to thank him for being very active and helpful though he's a newcomer. Also if you read this Matt, sorry for saying that you were a noob the first time we met...:-D

    -Dgreen51 for gaving me advice about what I should add in the guide, who took time to read my guide and supported me. Also thanks to him for taking care of the German version of this guide.

    -Micha my fellow colleague at Mcdonald's and a dear friend: Thank you for the support man, you rock!

    -My group of fans at the university with whom I have a lot of fun. They showed great support even if they don't know/care about brink. So I say to you: "thank you it meant a lot, I all deeply like you and this guide is dedicated to you" (translation: Mon groupe de fans de la fac avec qui je m'amuse énormément. Elles ont témoigné beaucoup de soutient alors même qu'elles ne connaissent pas/s'intéressent pas à Brink. Donc je vous dis à toutes: "Merci beaucoup, ça m'a touché, je vous aime énooormément et je vous dédicace ce guide :-D!)
    -A Hélène et sa Disney attitude!  Very Happy
    -A Cécilia et son communautarisme Nantais  Cool
    -A Fanny "la secrétaire" qui m'a plusieurs fois sauvé la vie!  Razz

    Brink Guide for the average player - Wrote by The Mind Copyri10

    This guide, as of this moment, has been written solely for posting and use on It is not to be reproduced under any circumstances, and for any reason other than personal use. It may not be posted on any other website without my expressed permission beforehand. Permission can be acquired by contacting me via the above information. Use of this guide on any other website or display of it on any publicly viewed items is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright laws.

    All trademarks and copyrights held in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

    Copyright 2012 Christophe Devauges

    I couldn't wait a week to post it so here it is: the complete version!

    PS: I know the images suck but hey.. it's homemade and I don't know nothing except "paint"... Very Happy

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    Yo, c'est vachement sympa de l'avoir posté. Après, vaudrait vraiment que j'y retouche. J'ai honte quand je vois les fautes ou les mauvaises formulations, c'est du boulot qu'a été vite torché. En plus rien n'est sourcé! Peut-être que je pourrais par principe y retoucher pendant les vacances même si j'imagine que plus personne ne joue à ce jeu qu'est-ce que t'en penses Ematic?

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    Hey, pas de soucis, mais j'aurais peut être du te demander ton avis avant  Smile 
    Moi je trouve que c’est un excellent guide, on est pas à 2 fautes près, et je suis fièr de l'avoir sur notre forum !
    Ca fait belle lurette que j'ai arreté, au moins depuis la sortie de CSGO donc Aout 2012. Je peut pas vraiment te dire si il reste une micro-communauté vu que les peu de fois ou je fait un tour c'est pour du warm-up ou des 1v1.
    Par contre, une question que j'ai oublié de te poser sur l'autre thread, comment à tu fait pour connaitre le forum ? Tu es passer par notre site ?

    A bientot Smile

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