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    CS:GO : Welcome to RshoT and Mario !


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    CS:GO : Welcome to RshoT and Mario ! Empty CS:GO : Welcome to RshoT and Mario !

    Message par Ematic le Mai 10th 2014, 1:46 am

    CS:GO : Welcome to RshoT and Mario ! 521fde10

    Hello community,

    As you seen in the title Team FragDown is proud to found the 2 lasts players for the CS:GO roster.
    Since the start of guNMan (USA), we found vtz (Canada), but both stopped CS so we were in need of a final player for many weeks now. In despite of the lack of community, Adrian "peRez" Perez (Spain), decided to take his carrer off 3 days ago.

    Ematic, ReazoX and Jud our 3 frenchies will now play with 2 new members :

    The first one is Erwan "RshoT" R, as known as Erwan. This guy is not novice, and the community knows it. Indeed, RshoT is for sure one of the 3 greatest AWP of Counter-Strike: GO. He will remplace Jud as a second sniper for the team.

    The second one is from England and is named Stephen alias "Mario". Recently appeared in the competitive community he has a good idea of what type of player we were looking for, and he took it's opportunity. Mario is a decend polyvalent player and he will quickly become a top player ! He will also probably work for the videomaking wich seemed a good thing for our organisation !

    Ematic a écrit:
    I am really exited to play with this new roster which is able to do the best for the rest of this year ! RshoT is a really good support with it's AWP who will be very useful to help us on hard T sides. Mario is getting better in a continuous way everyday, I let him 1 month to be a top player and destroy everything !

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